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Hi, I'm Hayley but most call me Momma

Raising two boys, and a flock of chickens certainly keeps things interesting in our 1854 farmhouse.  I pride myself on motherhood being my job, one that I take very seriously. However its more than just color crayons and knitting by the fire.

I wake when the rooster crows..... well kinda..... we don't actually have a rooster anymore. Latte in hand I take in my few moments with Tyler before he heads to work for the day. I gather my things for a few minutes to myself. This is my time to create. Soon enough we'll hit the ground running. 

As I age I learn more and more about myself.

One is I LOVE learning, but please don't ask me to go into a classroom.

Two I love teaching. I wanted to be a special ed. teacher all through high school, but decided I was way to emotional and would not be able to separate from the students. Honestly, I'm still super emotional. I love teaching the boys. Their first steps, how to play piano.  Learning when a tomato is ripe or how to pick berries. I LOVE IT ALL. 

I'm that person who is going to organize the list they just wrote, but will have a pile of laundry from a week prior still needing to be put away.

I love FOOD. I love the science behind food and also using it to learn more about various cultures. 

I love college wrestling. My favorite team is the University of Minnesota.

I learned to knit my freshman year of college to help with stress and still find it a peaceful escape. Knitting for my boys is my favorite, and I am definitely not a monogamis knitter.

You can see my current WIPS here.  

I got extremely sick after having my first son. I got an awful case of mastitis, that turned into an AWFUL staph infection.... that formed an abscess, which ruptured. It literally took me months to recover from. In turn I learned a ton about breastfeeding, mastitis and postpartum depression. 

I fell in love with gardening when we bought our first house. I love the feel English cottages give, they're simply a place I want to escape to. I dream of having an orchard.

I 100%  have an artistic brain. I love color theory and see color much differently than most I really notice the all the colors within one. This also makes turning our house into a home really fun because I can fully envision it complete. 

I wish I was able to read and knit and the same time, but my eyeballs are not that coordinated so I've started listening to audiobooks. 

My favorite thing about being a Momma is what my boys teach me.




Lets connect!

Thank you for reaching out!

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