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A Mother's Melody

A Cozy collection of Motherhood. 

The daily rhythm behind, meals, budgets,

stories and creating.

New posts every Monday & Wednesday


Take a peek at what's on our bookshelf!

While you're there get inspired for seasonal craft and our favorite games.

Be prepared to be inspired with real food good for your soul. 

Baking and preparing food, is definitely how I say "I love you"

You can find a prepared meal plan and grocery list here!

The Logistics of a SAHM; budgeting, schedules and crunchy-ish living.

While I adore the hours I spend going on adventures, reading stories and playing with play doh. I spend just as much time "managing" our home from scheduling and being sure budgets are in place. To switching out simple household products that are more sustainable and better for both us and mother earth. Here I share some of my best tips on saving a few pennies, and how to make being a SAHM work for you! 

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